Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your property management fees?

From a single-family house to multi-family and industrial warehouses and the specific needs – it depends. Every real estate property is unique in its location, condition, and market. Our fees are based on many factors. Your needs and expectations will vary from property to property. The size and age of the portfolio and number of units and where they’re all located are considered when quoting a fee based on gross income.

How many properties do you own or manage?

Over 30 years, at any given time it has varied depending on the season. Our inventory of properties change too often but can range from 40 to 400+ individual locations and or units. From land management to apartment buildings to single-family homes, our services range from full-service management to land development and construction management.

How long does it take you to turn around a tenancy?

Once we’re notification and confirmation is made the tenant will be vacating the property (I require 60-day notice), we immediately start preparing to market the property and line up our schedules to accommodate the work needed to get the property move-in ready. Our goal is not to exceed 30 days of vacancy but it depends on the weather, condition of property, and market conditions.

When do you pay the owner draw?

As soon as possible. In reality, we need at least 10 days or less to process any outstanding expenses and calculate any upcoming budgeted expenses for the rest of the month. Our goal is before the 10th but no later than the 15th. 

How do you charge for maintenance and repairs during occupancy?

CAL Ventures employs a team of tradesmen and will act as your repair service company on your property. For anything complicated, we’ll have competing bids and will have communicated with you before work begins. We typically negotiate the best and fairest price in the market. For simple repairs under $500, we do so without bothering the owner.


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I have had the opportunity to work with Eric as a business partner for the past 8 years. He is dedicated to what he does and works hard and smart to get a job done. He is an asset to any team. His knowledge of the Real Estate process and his creative approach set him apart.  

Billy Ware, Ware Architecture Studio

Eric is a true professional who does exactly what he says and takes care of all the details. I would work with Eric on any project that I had the opportunity and know that he would always do a professional and thorough job

Bruce Avellalant, Founder Bedrock Enterprises, LLC

The results that Eric is producing for us on purchasing, rehab and property management speaks volumes about Eric's skill and professionalism.  Being able to purchase property and have him turn key is a real value add for our business goals and saves us a great deal of time and money

Lee Jensen,  AIT Realty

Eric was based on a 2005 recommendation from one of his clients.  I have been equally impressed with his teams availability to build and manage our RE portfolios while managing multiple projects on many different levels.  Eric owns and runs one of the few RE asset firms with proven expertise at all levels of this business.  

Phil Rupert, at  Blue Moon Capital